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Mists of Pandaria...and Dragons Inc is Back!

Twitterpate, Apr 11, 14 11:35 PM.
It's been a couple of years, but over the last few months, Dragons Inc has rebuilt and welcomed many players back home. Love having everyone together, and love adding our new folks! Everyone worked hard and got the guild to its max 25th level, so big shout out to everyone! We are currently raiding current content on Saturday nights at 9pm, and older content for mounts/achievements on Friday nights at 8pm. Please look around the site, familiarize yourself with our idea of what a guild should be, and make sure to check the Raiders tab so you understand how we roll. Again, great to be back!

Chillin' with the Lich King at his throne...

Twitterpate, Dec 19, 10 1:16 PM.
So just for shits and giggles after not raiding (for like a month?!?!?) we decide to go play with Sindragosa. I am happy to say her hide makes a very nice rug on the Guild Hall floor. :)  Even cooler was that we made it into 2nd phase of the Lich King fight with a new group on only the 2nd try, so we'll be hitting him He makes a nice break when we get tired of grinding levels and professions on the expansion.

Grats to everyone in on the kill! We're making good progress on the Guild Levels as well, and people are doing a fine job of getting their toons leveled to 85 so we can start hitting the new raids. We're adding some new members along the way, please make them feel welcome. :)

Hoof got out of the hospital last night, so hopefully he will be making a good recovery from home and we'll see him soon. Take better care of yourself Mark!!! And everyone in the guild said to tell you hello and get well soon!!!

Cata is almost here!

Twitterpate, Dec 4, 10 2:28 PM.
Wow, someone tell me where the last couple of weeks went?!?!!? Everyone is enjoying a much needed break from the same old shit that we've been doing for the past 6 Still occasionally hitting ICC now that it seems to not be glitching, but most are using this time to level new toons and enjoying the 1000's of new quests out there to be done. The new areas are nice, and the new quests are fun...just a few more days and we'll be in Cataclysm!!!
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